Ogaki Castle


Last Sunday I went to Ogaki city, which is located in the southern part of Gifu. Ogaki city is famous for its abundant water. Therefore, the city is sometimes called “Water City.” In the past, the city had many canals which served its transportation.

In the past, the community needed many canals because the main transportation system was a boat. When you wanted to carry a large amount of goods, you had to depend on boats as its transportation. But, at present, we have invented a truck or railway system. So most of the canals have been unnecessary and mere nuisance to the modern transportation. So, peace by peace most of the canals were reclaimed and filled with soil. Today people use trucks to transport goods.

There was a castle called Ogaki Castle in the middle of the city. The castle was surrounded by several moats. Today the moats were also reclaimed. The castle is a four-storied tower. The size is rather small. But it looks elegant because the wall is painted white.

I went to the entrance and the ticket counter. I bought a ticket. An admission fee is 100 yen. On the first floor I found swords, rifles, lancers, bows and arrows, helmets and armors. I took several pictures.

On the top of the castle I can see towns. I like this city. I would like to visit this city again.


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