Seki Traditional Swordsmith Museum


Last Saturday I went to Seki city.   Seki city is famous for its production of knives and swords.

Seki produces a lot of modern Japanese kitchen cutlery.  Seki has a tradition of making swords.  Those swords are world-class, high-quality knifves and people exported them into China.

Knives and swords are so much a part of the city that it is home of the Seki Cutlery Association, the Seki Swordsmith Museum, the Seki Outdoor Knife Show, the October Cutlery Festival, and the Cutlery Hall where tourists can purchase knives.

There are two famous companies which originated from Seki.  Feather and Kai Girushi Comapnay.  There are Feather Museum, where you can see a many pieces of cutlery.



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